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You should have your own PC when you are starting and running your web biz. For my opinion, you'd better to have at least Two or more, new brand and good quality computers that because in case the PC broke down, you have another one to back up your biz. And the old one that could not support your heavy biz works. You can buy those in different time, especially on sales in season. PC is durable and low price; the cost between $500.00 to $1,000.00 (USD), it has 3 to 4 GB memory and 160 GB or more hard drives memory, goes faster to get wireless with internal media card reader; much appropriate and enough for doing any kinds of basically biz works; such as management paper works, design regular web pages…etc.

How about Mac? What's different between with PC? Which one better?

Mac's function and quality should be much higher than PC and appropriate to use for heavy biz works; such as the hard driver memory for graphics or video and data power back up. Depends on what your demands of your business, if you have many designs of the art HD graphics for site works or the other flash film projects, you'd better to get MAC because usually the regarding software must download to your computer local task files, or publish your film and graphic projects these occupy a lot of space. Mac is pretty well for doing this part much better than PC. Relatively, that is the reason of why MAC's price much higher than PC. However, for comparison of the price, PC is the most common choice. If your budget was not enough, you can get the PC. Normally, its can enough to support your regular biz works. Usually, business guys have one desktop and one laptop these individually to put at home and office; desktop that use for technical backup and stable, laptop for convenience to carry out. PC & Web Security Protection
It is a portable, rewritable and removable memory data storage device with external or USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface; and easily connect to any PC, laptop and Mac. You have to buy one for saving your files, data, software, photos, music and videos…etc. First, save the paper and space. Second, save your biz if your PC broke down but the files still in PC. You don't have to worry of the files open. You can do the data transfer to another flash drive and protect your biz confident documents. Normally, flash drives are so much durable for data storage. Approximately, portable size as (fifth finger) about 70 mm to (tiny note pad) 10 cm; cost from $10 - $150 (USD); capacity from 1 GB to 500GB of dainty flash drive. Typically, flash drive using high speed USB 2.0 port.
Microsoft Word and Excel are the good software that much help for any Web biz! Try MS Trial
Portable Document Format (PDF) It's very popular for sending documents instead of traditional paper mailing and save the files space. People can easy to view or print out the documents but it won't mess the original feature as send with Microsoft Word project. Also, it can prevent the copyright infringement to protect the senders or software's companies. You can make your documents in PDF formats such as form, guideline, eBook, brochure, and surveys …etc; these all of the different type's paper works. Everyone can read the PDF files under Adobe Reader formatted after they got the free download. It can exports the documents of MS Word, Excel and even website pages convert to PDF files, so they can read your information offline that without download any extra paying software. Also, the PDF memory is as low as KB that easy and fast attach with email transfer, website archive and flash drive storage. Everyone can read your PDF files without mess your content. Download PDF reader & creator
About PDF Abbr
How to edit PDF forms Video

Should I have a business license if I owned a web biz? Should I pay tax?

To conduct the business under a name that what you owned, you must register your business name. To obtain a business license / permit that determine of your business sales tax rate whatever the biz is working on local or online if the biz occurred and run in USA. A business license includes a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Tax Identification Number (TIN) that is a nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify taxpayers who are required to file various business tax returns. You should report to your local or county clerk with Form SS-4 when your business started as your business use and sales, number of employees, income, office address...etc. Also, you have to provide your TIN or EIN when you open a local biz bank account or get the payment via online transaction. For Choosing Business Structures The most important is the type of legal organization that you select for your company; it can impact of how much you pay in your sales taxes, your biz paper works and liability. Business formation is controlled by the law of the state where your business is organized. The most common forms of business structures are: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), and Corporation, s- Corporations. About IRS
Some online companies will hold your revenue for paying the tax; especially if you were a publisher of affiliate program such as Google, you must provide your tax information. Otherwise, you won't get any release payment. Read Google Tax Information

Restrict by the zoning laws

Home based businesses make up around the world. It depends on what types of home-based biz, if you were working of e-Commercial. You would be thinking of you don't need to have a storage for your products because using your house storage. However, home storage is forbidden for business. In USA, home-based businesses restrict by the zoning laws. Many zoning codes prohibit certain types of businesses in residential areas such as prohibit business activities, storage, or displays, the numbers of visitors to a home-based business, the number of employees working in the home, business parking or require that additional parking be provided, restrict or prohibit nuisance impacts (e.g., noise, odors, glare). On the other hand, storage is a good idea for expending and getting your business eligible. Many companies only delivery to offices or commercial storages but home-storage that because the zoning laws. You have to check your local government's zoning laws of the restrict storage detail before start your home-based biz. Also, you can have the discount if you order amount of company's products to your biz storage. Rental storage much helps for you. Normally, storage companies have their own loading and parking places. Storage unit sizes from mini, 3 X 3 and the large as ware house size; the storage has provided air condition, cart supplies… etc. You can use your own lock. Usually, the monthly rent starting from $ 30.00 (USD). How to rental a self-storage You have to provide your information as name, phone number, current resident address, picture ID, contact person and sign the agreement with security deposit (the amount depends on the storage's size) Storage Prohibited uses and materials The storage unit may NOT be used for any unlawful purpose and not utilize as live-in, office, workshop, pet feed, food storage and prepare… etc, which dispels odor, spoilage or decay, use and contravenes the law; that it should take no longer than 60 minutes to access the space. Also, nor keep any explosive, highly flammable material, hazardous, toxic goods or substances.
Set up your biz toll free number with voice message system that you won't miss your customer's calls. You don't have to display your personal contact number especially if you run a home-based biz. The toll number that use for the businesses. It means the people free to call your business via any states and counties. You can get the numbers start as 1-800, 1-877 or 1-866. Then, pick the rest of numbers make people easy to remember. For example, 1-800-111-1BIZ (249). However, it costs expensive and takes a little longer wait for the special numbers. Normally, you can pick the numbers that they provide and pay the cost approximately $12.00 (USD) monthly to own your business toll free number. You can make it connect to your office, home or cell phone with the entirely voice message system. The companies can provide a set of system connect to your PC. You can get the voice message and fax documents through online. It's very convenience and helps to bring many people to your biz.

Have you ever felt frustrated at Post Office for long waiting but just to mail a little pack?

Or, you felt disappoint when you can't get the last minute to send out your urgent mail before post office closed. That's so bad when your biz need the mailing service! You would be lost your customers if mailing late. Want to solve these problems; you have to Use USPS mailing label online because it's so much easy and convenience …The steps are easy to follow; fill the address form online there you want to send out; and print out the mailing label, stick on the fit size mail box. Then, go to any post office and put into their pack - collect section. That's it! You do not need to do any procedures or wait the line. Visit USPS official site
free to apply an account for your business. After all, you can check the confirmation code online that printed on the mail label for tracking your mails. Also, you can order the envelopes, boxes and labels… all of the shipping supplies via online service. eBay has a whole mailing system connect with USPS mail online service. Sales Online Tutorial
Get a P.O Mail box that much help for you, especially for home-based biz. You can use it to hide your home address for protecting your private information and avoids some unnecessary spam or nuisance. You can show the P.O box address for describing your biz public information instead of your resident address. You can also manipulate it to split the kind of mails to different department for the same company. It can prevent to loss the mails especially your living place is sharing the mail box with your neighbors. Even when your business has moved or closed as renovation, you can transfer all mails to wherever you want. It won't miss any mails. How can get it? You can go to your Local Post Office or private mailing companies to apply one. Usually, renting the post office mailbox would be cheaper than the others. Some will has 6 months of the waiting period that because the boxes are not enough for demands especially in the busy cities. Comparison, choose private one could be easier and faster that you only have to pay little more money! You have to fill up the application form, show your Picture ID, provides a current address and pay the rental; the rent fee that to determine of the mailbox's size. Then, you will get the P.O box mailing address upon from you and your business name.

What's the Shopping Cart system for e-Commercial site?

About Pay Pal
Located in San Jose, California, was founded in 1998 and was acquired by eBay Inc. in 2002. PayPal service is fast, convenience and ensures that allows members to send money without showing their personal information. The member only using an email address to complete the transaction online via PC or mobile; you don't have to worry of your personal information were stolen. The money can transfer to the place in safety wherever on domestic and international. You can manipulate PayPal shopping cart system to set up your e-commercial. That's very simple! PayPal rapidly becomes a global leader of the online payment service which more than 226 million active accounts worldwide. It has available in 190 markets and 19 currencies around the world, enables global ecommerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages. PayPal Business Shopping Cart System
Lovely Apple Shopping Cart
Coffee Cup Shopping Cart Creator

What's the good Web Form software?

LovelyApple Web form Coffee Cup Web form builder
Google Web form (Free)
WYSIWYG Web form(Free)
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