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Why Put Biz Online?
Local Market
Everyone wants to start business!

In recently 5 years; many people want to own their businesses. From kids to seniors; everyone wants to
have their businesses. 85% people feel unsatisfactory for their jobs. 12% to 25% people have being started
their Web biz since 2005. In fact, it looks easier than put a biz in place. We have 47 millions websites added
in 2009. Analysts predict it would be keep growing rapidly in future years.
Web Wide World (WWW)

Many business owners started to put their biz online remedy the local market insufficient. People like
shopping online instead of walk out to shop. Online Store hours can open to 24/7. You don't have to
concern of the monthly rental pay; even put your business to work at home anytime and wherever; easy
and convenience.
Limit of biz hours, area, target
customers and excess biz miles.

Internet Market
+ Globe to spread your biz by millions times
+ Unlimited national sales.
Never Sleep
24 hours 7 days. Your Web biz has never
stopped when they stayed at home. You
don't have to worry about your negligent
employee loss your business.
So, why don't put your biz online?
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