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Why people use online every day?
People use online connect with PC or mobile phone devices almost every day that occupy our majority life
time. "
Online" becomes as human-habit that we can't live if without it. 1.7 billion Internet users in 2009,
17-18% increases since previous year! For me, I can't leave my PC, except go to sleep and bathroom
because my biz. It's very interesting question to thinking of why; when you wanted to start a Web biz.
11 reasons of people why use online everyday;

1. Habit
-- People habit to read updated news online every day as daily news, stock market, real estates
and business…etc.

2. Place to connect the society -- That's exactly true! Internet connection can break down the distance,
fast, no time limited as typical great things are;
Check Emails: Nowadays, many people have their own email addresses to check mails every day.
Get into Society space: Face book, Twitter, My Space and other many networks; those are the popular
web sites to provided spaces for keeping up the human relationship.
3. Searching -- Search information using as Google search engine; maps, surveys, population, shops …
get anything what people want to know.

4. Shopping Online -- The famous web should be on eBay, Amazon; even the other online stores. People
purchase online being common in recently past 5 years. It makes people feel convenience; shop 24/7 in
anywhere. Also, they can check very details of the products via as photos, videos and chat for asking
questions before purchased.

5. Selling Online -- Make businesses through online on eBay, e-Store, auction markets and biz web sites.
Business guys always use online few hours to 24 hours every day.

6. Banking Service -- People like use the banking service via online; such as pay the bill, transfer the
money, view the statements…etc. as

7. Download -- So much downloading as software, songs, games, pictures, videos...

8. Spread message & information -- To giving & sharing the information and message of personal or
business; blogs, articles, videos… the typical sites as

9. Education -- Study online being very popular recently because people can upgrade themselves in
anytime and anywhere after their work.

10. For fun -- Use online to join friends playing games; watch shows and movies…

11. No plan just curious -- However, sooner or later,
become to habits # 1 till to # 10 :)
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