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What's Management ?
Who is the right person to be a manager?
Manager is an executor of business management. The person is very important of the business that can
save the biz and also can kill the biz. Experienced, educated, organized, good communication and trait are
the elements for biz owners to
hiring the right person. And the other skills just for helping the manager can
fast to pick up his/her job and enhance the business management.

Some business owners will despise the management. It typically happens on the small and family's
businesses because they probably have lack of budget and knowledge. They don't believe and won't
recognize the management can efficient to handle their businesses. However, the medium and big
companies desire to have an entirely system to maintain their management that because they believe it can
help to grow their profit.

Some companies will develop their managed teams; they like hire
Two or More management persons instead
of One because the management is a tough work, they rather to have a team work more than a person.
Meanwhile, it can also avoids anyone has excess power. It's dangerous if he or she was the risk for the boss
who can decide the biz runs or stops. Finally, the disadvantage only forwards to boss, but manager has
nothing loss for him or herself.

You have to know who pay the money; that means who will loss - the boss!

What's the manager's job?
Manager should have the obligation because he or she took their boss money. Good managers would be
helping the business to decrease the risk, prevent the crisis and increase the profit those with their
managed planning.
Typically, the management job is included maintain all of the departments; such as hiring employees,
contact relative businesses, increase business profit but cut down the cost, prepare the paper works of the
inventory, accounting of worker payrolls and taxes, set up computer system, solve the
human relative
, solve the business problem and prevent crisis, design the plan to grow biz….etc. these all to
enhance biz system runs smooth.
However, sometimes I saw the businesses will hire a "
Part-time manager"; it typically happens in Medium
to big restaurants. Their jobs only handle of the customers care as a "
house's social representative".
They don't really have the right and works on the management.
To run a business must support by an
entirely management system; maintain
all the staff and departments together
and hook up the works.
Management is an essential part of the
business system but a tricky thing
When you have a good business's idea with the marvelous product's package and then the business system,
for losing or gaining profit that all maintain by the entire management.
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