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8th step to Be a successful boss -
Find out where you are!
Have you ever felt to get loss of your business? It looks
everything has already on your desk but still feel something
is missing. And then, ask yourself what the next step is? Perhaps, you
might be keeping your body in busy to proof there has nothing wrong
but finally feel not that way.
Please sit down to locate your biz again!

How many people to know who you are?
Did you go out to introduce yourself and your biz? How many people
know or don't know you? The typical space which is the social networks
such as
Facebook and Twitter; go to set up your profile with your
business information; always update your message for developing your
biz network.
How To Be A Successful Boss?
How many people remembered you?
Have you ever typed the category at the query browse or yellow page; for searching how many
businesses around there that as same as you? It will concern the percentages of people memorize
your biz. Therefore, make your biz different between the other companies and create a new brand
to represent your company, for example;
High quality -- Strong to show your biz and product advantage
Nice service -- Consolidate your management system
Company's image -- Design you logo with signature colors and symbol; print on your staff
uniforms and put on your biz site
Special offer -- Create the commercial tools to develop your biz network
No follow, No copycat -- Make your biz has own new brand, new style and new image that
different with other businesses
How many people to know where you are?
Simple work: Count how many people visit you biz every day?
You never know there are not many people exactly known the new
business in First 2 years. Thinking of how to expose your biz start from
your place; around 5 miles and expand to 25 miles even far more. Use
the Internet tools as Google Maps; build your business site to let people
easy find you.
<Read the blog- "I was a manager in the restaurant. The restaurant owner -
her name is Rah (nick name). She hired a new chef and keep to follow her sauce
recipe. However one day, a customer…
> ~
Assort what the people around you and how many people have you
Simple work: Research the population report of your area such as
nation, language, career, age, income…etc. Mark down the types of
people come to you biz and which people is you suppose to target. You
will see your business does reach the target people or not! And then,
you will know where they are!
Let customers to tell you the truth
"The new product what you sell that people didn't like!" It's telling you why your biz still
didn't hit into the market.
Open the way to take the conversation with your customers. They will happy to tell you the
truth if you can hear. Remember! Take the truth but not the trick! You have to analyze the
reasons of why people tell you and what the aim of truth!

To listen your customer's opinions that what they thinking of your biz, service and product; to
give the details of what they like and what they dislike with the reasons. And that is the way to
comfort your customers when they felt unsatisfactory on your biz.
Compare with your competitors
Search the information of the same businesses where around of your area. It could be cruel and
unfair for you. However, you'd better to do it. To find out your competitor's advantage that what
they have but you without; what about your biz advantages and disadvantages; how to beyond
Steps to Be a successful boss
The 3rd Step - To learn Management
The 6th Step - Trust Yourself
The 10th Step - <The Page is Coming soon>
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