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4th step to Be a successful boss -
Find a right person for the right position!
People are seeking the jobs and employers desire to hire
a right person. Everyone wishes can shortly to fill the position
empty. However, it's hard to seeking a right person although the people
thought they are the right one for the recruiter. It is really taking time
on recruitment. The employers will feel worry of the person if who
exactly able to suit on the position. It must spend awhile to find out
the answer. Otherwise, it would be impaired the biz system if you hired
a wrong person. You should create the appropriate procedures of
strictly recruitment.

Seeking Post - You can free to put a notice at your front door or post
on newspaper classified, just spend a little money. I suggest post
online because respond fast, easy and free!
How To Be A Successful Boss?
Interview & Test - Take first interview for the eligible candidates. By the way, you have to give
an experiment to test them and find out who the better is. Do not make the test too complicated.
It's just easy to set a paper with few questions; they can answer it when filling the job application
I always use the test for hiring bar-tending person in restaurant. I set some bar-tending questions
suppose the person can answer it if he / she has experienced. And then they have to show their
skills on the experiment.

Good: On real condition by face to face to ask question. The experiment can prove the
candidate's experience that can show them can be really handling their jobs.
Bad: It may takes the second or the other interviews after that keeping you busy whole day long,
depend on how many candidates are waiting interview to you biz!

Probationary Periods- after finished the hiring procedure, set the probationary periods between
30 to 90 days or more days that depends on which better for you biz. It's fair and gives a
chance to realize for each other; you found the right person and the new staff can settle down on
the position.
Do not skip the training on the probationary periods. Although, we are not a school! We need
the workers more than the students. There is a company looking for the staff to work there
suppose the person has experienced. The training only to giving support and help for the new
staffs; to understand and follow your company's system, rules and staff's guideline. Somehow,
different rules use in different businesses but with the same experienced needed.

After probationary periods, terminate incompetent and inexperienced, when you've already gave
them chance and warn but they keep violated. You should have given the concept to the new
staff of the termination agreement that has no argument if anyone has not passed the
probationary periods. Perhaps, you can transfer him or her to another department if he or she was
a good worker but not suitable for the position, that's easy way to keep the talents to work in
your team.

Good: You have the chance to make your term work stronger.
Bad: It's no bad at all. The bad is a good thing for staffs to keep working hard for you if who
wanted to get the job!
Job call - To leave your biz contact number at you post for giving them
more information about the job.

Good: You can hear their voice to initial estimate that can get interview
when you talked with the candidates directly.
Bad: That way to make you crazy busy for picking hundred thousand
candidate calls a day even full to explode your voice message box. But it
doesn't mean you will find a right person for those!

Job Resume - request the candidates send their resumes and related
certificate to you by email, mail or fax either way.

Good: It's quiet way and won't drive you busy. You can take your time
to read their information and make decision before interview.
Bad: It's taking time but you will find the right person!
Steps to Be a successful boss
The 3rd Step - To learn Management
The 6th Step - Trust Yourself
The 10th Step - <The Page is Coming soon>
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