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5th step to Be a successful boss -
Standing in the middle!
While people make you feel headache, can't you close
your eyes? Shut your mouth? Hide your heart? Damn it!
You are a biz owner! It's the time to realize what the real reveal in your
eyes, what the fact speech runs to your ears, open your heart and ask
why keep your attention stand in the middle! That because -
Business has no emotion!

People have to control by management - the human "free style"
behavior that enough to destroy your entire system. Especially the
chatty guys; they always attempt to conciliate you to follow their
inexperienced theory. Be honestly, I have never seen the successful
businesses follow the workers but only the workers follow to.
How To Be A Successful Boss?
V). Listen to the professional advices - the persons who can provide the different details of
analytics such as data information, survey, report, accounting, laws and any information; even
that regarding web experts help. And their opinions all trend objective are so much trustful than
the general people opinion; because that only on their different situation and mind. Beware of
analytics accuracy; you must recognize which really can help you how to do for your biz. You'd
better to take more than one!

VI). Crossing hands to solve the career battle - Do not ignore the argument between the
employees. Anger usually cause by misunderstanding for the
relation between career and
management that impact co-operation. You have to take the complex solutions; sometimes keep
to silent, sometimes speak well to make both sides happy or speak what both wrong are.

VII). To sober understand what wrong with it - Do not follow any incorrect message. Trust
yourself! You have to stand in the middle, assume your attitude to be
relevance and fair for
Analyze each event and person individually but not only standing on the friends, relatives and
favorite person.
Open your heart to accept good and bad but not only picking the person or the thing that you
liked or hated.
Use your intelligence to convince people, trust you and feel worth to work for you.
ii). Keep your acute eyes to observe - Predict the business crisis
before when the people didn't see. To discover the problems in early and
then solve, improve and prevent it immediately; that can lower the risk
of losing money if once really happened. That's roughly called it as "

iii). Open your mind to prevent the excess expenses - No one can
say the truth until you read the real business balance report. Make a
habit to view all the real reports about of the total sales, department
sales, products & items sales and even biz site
traffic report; and then
to compare it in monthly and yearly etc. You will find out what the
exactly problems on it and fix it immediately.

iv). Put your hands on the security system - concern the security
that to protect, prevent and monitor any malicious software to
attack and harm your business sales tools; data stolen impact with your
customers; those seriously impair your business trustful in public.
Steps to Be a successful boss
The 3rd Step - To learn Management
The 6th Step - Trust Yourself
The 10th Step - <The Page is Coming soon>
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